Standing Wraps or Polos?

Standing wrap

One thing that we horse people are good at is wrapping a leg, or a pastern or an ankle. Standing wraps, polo wraps, all that practice makes it very handy when you need to wrap your ankle. I can get it just right. Not too tight, not too loose.

Standing wrap.
How many times did you you have to practice to make your wraps look as good as this one? Sometimes I would wrap and re-wrap multiple times. Full confession. This image is from an article in Practical Horseman, so it has to look perfect.

Personally, I’ve  never been a fan of polo wraps. I just can’t see the point. They don’t offer any support (they’d need to be way tighter) and if you just want protection, I’d prefer to use a tendon boot. I’ve seen too many polo wraps unravel mid-ride, which to me looks like a hazard. I know that people like the pretty colors but to me, the obsession with multiple pairs of polo wraps falls in the same category as multiple saddle pads. I’d rather save my money and add to my saddle collection :).

Standing wraps? I’m all for them. I’ve used them for shipping wraps and for bringing down swelling. I’ll even admit to turning out my horses in a well-wrapped leg with a bit of duct tape to keep it from  unraveling.

Now, my fractured ankle is more in need of a polo-type wrap, known to the non-equestrian community as an Ace bandage. While I’ve been freed from my aircast, my ankle is still swollen and tender. The bandage gives it enough support to make it comfortable.



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