No Stirrups? No Problem

Maya Simmons no stirrups

Wow! I was impressed by the jump through the water where Maya Simmons lost her stirrups.

“When he hit the landing, he just pecked. He hit hard, and my feet went flying behind me, and I went onto his neck. I think when I did that, the pressure of my feet pulled the leathers off the bars. I thought I’d lost my stirrups, but Archie had already seen the corner and was going for it, so I was like, ‘OK, here we go. This is really big!’ I had been kind of nervous about it and had been walking it that day, and it looked like people were having a hard time finding a distance.”

From the Chronicle of the Horse

But if that wasn’t enough. I’m blown away by ability to keep going after her stirrups came off her saddle! Man, she is tight in the tack and her form is excellent. Even though she says she doesn’t typically practice no stirrup work. I wish I rode half as well with my stirrups. And, when I lost a stirrup last fall galloping through a big field during a hunt, I know I didn’t look nearly as secure.

One thought on “No Stirrups? No Problem

  1. Goodness, she has legs of steel (and probably superglue). I was horrified at how seemingly easy the stirrups come off …

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