This looks suspiciously like me


Equestrians are really bad at evaluating the extent of their injuries. For years, I’ve figured that if I could walk and there weren’t visible bruises, I was fine.

Now that I’m back riding again — only in the most basic sense, as I’m only walking and trotting — I have a new respect for the fragility of my body. I am being patient. I’m taking it slowly.

I’m so glad to be back on a horse that I’m enjoying every second of every ride. I’m taking pleasure in the small things: transitions, leg yielding, turns on the forehand. I’m installing some rigor into Zelda’s training to make sure that all the basics are there.

I’m determined not to look in the mirror and see that picture staring back at me!

But, really I should say that this looked like me. The injured me is moving into the past. The present me has been going to PT twice a week and building up a lot of strength and flexibility. My legs are almost the same size now (for a long time, my right leg had so much muscle wastage that it looked significantly smaller than my left leg).

What still bothers me is my ankle. Although the fracture was minor, ankles are notoriously slow healers. I still get some pain and swelling, so I’m riding with long stirrups and working up to longer stretches of posting.

The way I’ve been walking also aggravated my posterior tibialis tendonitis, which had mostly healed. So, I’ve added a whole new set of exercises to my rotation. As my daughter says, I’m doing a whole body reboot. Come fall, I’ll be stronger than ever.

4 thoughts on “This looks suspiciously like me

  1. I am with you every step of the way. I waited and waited until I could barely walk. Then I dragged myself to a doctor only to learn I was on the verge of rupturing not one, but both my Achilles. I developed arthritis and bursitis in both ankle, and yes, ankle take forever to heel. Regaining mobility in your feet is hard, especially as you age.

    But I am enjoying the little victories. The leg yield, the walk pirouette, the occasional half pass……and I try not to use my beautiful to mirrors too often.

    It’s truly the little things.

    1. It’s been good for me to go back to the beginning with Zelda. It always was too easy to just get on her and GO! I think we’ll both be stronger and more supple at the end.

  2. Good on you. I have A new horse and 2 weeks ago, she stopped, bucked once and dumped me. Omg is my arena hard. I’m ok after 8 plus months of hip healing but it never stop one think they will be reinjured. I’ll conquer her,but I simply want a lesson!

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