Recovery Update

Lots of people have asked how my recovery is going. It’s been six months since the accident (kind of hard to believe) and three months since I first got back on a horse.

These days I’m walking without a cane — in fact, not even limping. I can walk up the slight ramp in the barn, step over the threshold, and carry half a bale of hay while walking. I know I’m getting stronger because the owner of the property where I keep my horses no longer has to watch out the window to make sure that I’m still on my feet after I ride (a much appreciated kindness because in those early days, I certainly was wobbly).

The watcher
This red tail hawk watched my whole ride this week, swiveling his head to watch me ride around the ring. Always good to have someone keeping track of you.

I’m riding both horses now, mostly at a walk or trot. I’m working on posting trot and I can make it almost twice around the ring now before my ankle gets tired. It’s both a great step forward and humbling. I’m infinitely stronger than I was just a few weeks ago but I still have a lot more to do. This past week, Zelda and I started to canter. I’m grateful that she didn’t throw a few bucks in, as she is want to do. I even let Freedom canter a bit — he’s still a handful but at least I feel like I can stay on.

I still go to Physical Therapy twice a week and I still spend almost two hours on those exercises. My knee doesn’t bother me at all. My ankle only bothers me if I walk too much, sit too much or if it’s too hot out!

swollen foot
Just a month ago, my foot swelled up like a balloon while I was watching my daughter compete at the NCAA Nationals — a combination of heat, flying and too much walking. It looks much better now.

Most of the time it doesn’t hurt. I’ve even been walking a couple of miles a day (I’m fine on flat ground, not so stable on uneven terrain). But it does swell. Quite a bit. To me it doesn’t look too bad but when people haven’t seen me for awhile, they often give a little gasp. Mostly I just want to be able to wear my regular shoes. Right now, I’m grateful that it’s summer and I can wear sandals.

My shoulder is getting better. There’s only one direction where I haven’t restored my range of motion, although I can feel it when lifting a saddle onto a horse’s back. Of course, my immediate thought is to get a lighter saddle. No, that’s the wrong answer. I’m trying to downsize my saddle collection. I just need to keep doing the exercises. The good news is that I’m able to swim pain free so I think I’m moving in the right direction.

My goal? I want to be ready to hunt in the fall. Maybe just hilltop, but I want to be out there following the hounds. And every week I’m working toward it.

One thought on “Recovery Update

  1. Hello, Liz,

    I fell off my horse, Raven, in July. Unlike your travails, I was only a little sore, but now my doctor is saying my osteoporosis is so bad that I can’t ride anymore. I refuse to obey, although I’ve not ridden since then. I’m needing some advice, please, if you can help me. Do you have any experience wearing protective vests, aka body armor?

    also…….having had several surgeries on my foot, I learned a long time ago that when the medical types say keep a limb elevated, they MEAN it. I didn’t listen and had bad swelling, like you did.
    Sue, my friend who owns Raven, was on my case about it after my last surgery and I have to say that when I did as she demanded…keep the foot elevated above heart level, I had no swelling whatsoever.

    I’m not smart enough to know how to get Blogger or WordPress to accept comments to my blogs, but if you would, if you can, give me some advice I’d appreciate it. thank you! or

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