8 Ways Equine Massage can Improve your Horse’s Performance

I have been sitting around thinking about how much massage could benefit me, when this cool infographic was sent to me by Dave Miller at Clear-Round.com. Dave is a professional Showjumper who searches out interesting products and evaluates them.

The only things I would add to his list of benefits is that 1) if you learn to do some simple massage techniques yourself you have first hand (literally) experience on how your horse’s body feels — where they hold their tension and, if your horse is sore, or underperforming, you can tell your vet how your horse feels different. That insight can help with the diagnosis. And 2), it’s a great way to establish a deeper connection with your horse. When you can make your horse feel better, you become more of a partner.

So, find ways to incorporate massage into your horse’s life. And, if you’re feeling indulgent, because we all treat our horses better than ourselves, schedule one for yourself, too.

8 Benefits of Equine Massage
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