Equine Ink is a finalist for the Equestrian Blogger of the Year Award!

Equestrian Blogger of the Year

I was thrilled to learn that Equine Ink is a finalist for the Equestrian Blogger of the Year Award. I started writing this blog back in March of 2008, I wasn’t sure how much I had to say about my horses and my experience with horses. I hadn’t read many blogs and I certainly didn’t know what anyone expected from a blog. I knew nothing about blogging platforms or how to create a blog. So, I opened a WordPress account and wrote about the things that obsess me.

My very first post? Goldilocks and the 31 saddles. I will admit that I’ve added a few more saddles to the list since then, but think that I’ve finally gotten my saddle addiction under control.

My second blog post
My second post was about riding in the Patriot’s Day celebration every year.

I didn’t tell anyone when I started my blog. Instead, I just started writing. My first month, I had 315 views. My second month, that number jumped to almost 1,000. I was hooked. I started reading other horse blogs and realized that a tremendous, worldwide community was out there, all of us joined by our love, or perhaps, more accurately, our obsession with horses. I made friends.

Ten years later, I haven’t run out of things to write about. Perhaps it’s because no matter how long I ride and take care of horses, there is never a shortage of things I need to learn, and the joy of being around horses is as strong as ever.

The Equestrian Blogger of the Year award was created and is powered by Blogger Portal Haynet and sponsored by Equestrian PR & Social Media Marketing Agency, MirrorMePR. The competition is now in its seventh year.

The 12 finalists named were purposefully diverse.

“We were overwhelmed by the sheer amount of talent out there, and Sam & I spent many hours deliberating over which ones to put forward into the final as there are so many brilliant blogs. It was a tough decision to choose from so many, but we feel our finalists represent a broad spectrum of equestrian blogging: From everyday riders sharing their equestrian stories, through to equestrian style and even equestrian travel.” — Ashley Rossiter, MD of MirrorMePR

Here are the equestrian bloggers that have made the 2018 finals. Some of these blogs I’ve read for years; some are new to me. I’m enjoying them all.

Equine Ink
Young Hip and Horsey
Sand Arena Ballerina
Krys Kolumbus Travel
Country Frantics
Sarah Lewis Showjumping
How Very Horsey
The Forelock Journals
Roosa’s Horsey Life
Horse Chat
Equestrian Lifestyle
Saddle Seeks Horse

Your vote counts for 50% of the judging, so help your favorites by clicking  here. Voting closes this Friday, October 26th and the winner and runners-up will be announced on the awards Twitter channel on Tuesday 30th October 2018 at 8pm GMT. 

Most of all, thanks for reading!




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  1. Hi Liz, Good luck with this award. Ten years blogging is a great achievement in itself! I seem to attract friends that love all things horse including a friend who loves them so much she started creating art from them. Are you open to reviewing her work for you blog? Just a thought…all the best, Sushma

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