Celebrating Fall

Fall foliage

What better way to celebrate fall in New England than out foxhunting among the foliage. While I’m not in the saddle, I can at least take photos, and today I caught the waning colors of leaf season. It looked like an excellent day to be chasing hounds!

Hacking on the aquaduct
Hacking to the first cast along the aqueduct
Hacking to the first cast. Can you believe this horse is in her late 30s?
Hacking to the first cast.
Whipping in
You can tell a whip’s horse because they are always watching the hounds. Padi is the perfect color for fall. He blends right in.
And the Hounds are Cast
And the hounds are cast! Just imagine the music of the horn and the voice of the hounds.
hounds through the brush
The sheer joy of the hounds is fun to watch
hungry horse
Smart horse! She knows you can get hungry out hunting.


Hound running
Hound coming into the check.
Riding into the last check
Riding into the last check. The master’s horse still has her snack.
Relaxing in the water bucket.
Relaxing in the water bucket is a favorite activity of the hounds after a good run.
Hound gets treats
The treats are obviously a big hit!

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