Watching the leaves unfurl

The onset of spring happens in a tumble of blossoms and buds. It’s as if the plants can’t wait to unfurl after a New England winter of ice and snow. Today, the trees — bare just days ago — are covered with baby red leaves, glimmering in the sun. The sky and the pond melted into one radient blue.

Muskrat in the pond
You can’t see the muskrat but Zelda and I spent some time watching it swim around the pond.

Zelda and I (mostly Zelda) power walked through the landscape, inhaling the warm air and shielding our eyes from the crisp, clear colors. Swimming lazily through the pond, a muscrat (or maybe a beaver) surfaced like the Loch Ness monster, showing tantalizing glimpses of his head and back. Zelda was fascinated but he (she?) ignored us.

As part of our fitness routine, we did hill work. We did trot sets, and then I dropped my reins and just enjoyed the day while Zelda stretched her neck down and snatched some of the fresh green grass.

Spring is an elusive season. Earlier this week it was cold and rainy. Before too much longer it will be hot and buggy. There are only a few of these perfect days and I’m determined to get out an enjoy every one of them.


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