Breakfast of Champions

Zelda eating breafast

When I know I’m going to ride Zelda I always feed her in the small fenced in paddock outside the barn. That’s because she’s wicked hard to catch once her stomach is full. If she’s hungry, she’s right in your pocket. If she’s not, there’s nothing she likes better than a game of tag.

With most horses, I wouldn’t leave a lead rope attached to her halter. One step on that lead and a horse like Freedom will panic from the restraint, and break a halter. Not Zelda. She’s not remotely phased. She eats the grass around her, then calmly picks up the hoof impeding her progress and moves on.

Her intelligence is one of her best — and most challenging — traits. The trick is to put it to work for my benefit. I don’t always achieve that, but I try!

On another note, Zelda is getting fitter. She still needs the XL gullet in her Wintec, but I think she’s looking good in this picture.

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