A few extra inches

GIRTH extender

Zelda has been working hard to get back to her formerly svelte self, although the endless rain we’ve had here in New England has cut into our workout time (no indoor).

To feel ready for hunting, I bought the velcro saddle, otherwise known as the WintecLite D’Lux. There was only one problem: the long billets weren’t quite long enough for my dressage girth and I didn’t have a long girth that was short enough. Rather than buy yet another girth, I ordered a girth extender. You know that Amazon is taking over the world when you can buy a girth extender and have it delivered for free in two days!

The girth extender adds 9″ to the girth. The leather is nice and the buckles work well. The only thing that’s lacking are keepers to tuck in the loose ends.

The good news is it works like a charm. I suspect that Zelda isn’t that far off the size of the girth. She’s just really good at inflating her belly which prevents you from getting it in the first holes on each side.

The bad news is that by using it I don’t have keepers to tuck the loose ends into. I have reverted to Gorilla tape, but am looking for a better solution.

My verdict? For $15 it’s a steal.

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