The glowing colors of a New England Fall

The perfect field

Late September is one of my favorite times of year. It’s still warm and the colors are shifting to brilliant reds and soft oranges and yellows. When the wind blows the acorns fall from the oak trees like summer  hail. Woe to the rider who is hit with the pitter patter of tiny weapons!

Freedom in the field
It’s a rare ride when I get both horses out at the same time. Freedom hates to be left behind so he really enjoyed it.

Over the weekend we had a fabulous summer like day where we ventured to my favorite field, which I always love to visit right about now. I never get tired of the color of the grasses.

Field Ride
The field was only a small part of the ride, but the journey there takes us on some nice trails.

I rode Zelda and a friend took out Freedom. She goes to college in the area and she rides him when she can during the school year. The two horses enjoy going out together (Freedom is a real wimp about crossing the bridges on the way to the field if he’s alone) but it happens rarely.

On the way home we stopped at the pond to look for the blue heron.

Blue heron at the top of a tree
This bird is too large and awkward to be perched on the top of such a tall tree.

He/she was sitting in a tree, looking rather ridiculous. There’s something quite prehistoric about those birds; they might look quite at home among the dinasaurs, but to see one land in a tree? Silly. However, the light glinting off the grass and the leaves was spectacular.

Searching for the Heron
Searching for the Heron revealed a beautiful vista of illuminated grass and a perfect white birch.


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  1. Hi Liz,

    What app are you using to track your ride? It’s pretty cool that it measures walk,trot and canter👍👍

    How are you doing by the way?

    Miss you, Marianne


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