A gift at the end of the day


Yesterday was one of those days where things go wrong. The kind of day where you upgrade the operating system on your computer and it wipes your hard drive. The kind of day where you go run errands and realize you left your wallet at home. The kind of day where you wonder why you got out of bed.

The best place to go on those days is the barn, where the sweet smell of hay breath makes it possible to stop looking at the files restoring from your computer back up and wondering why the estimated time to completion is still nine and a half hours. Zelda and Freedom are unphased by the disasterous consequences of the day. They tolerate getting hugged with the promise that food is forthcoming. They blow gently into your hair and you get to admire the length of their eyelashes.

This is the kind of day where you put a saddle on your horse and head out into the afternoon sun. Then you turn a corner and are struck by the most magnificent yellow tree, backlit into the splendor of a painting and you realize that it will be okay.



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