SafeStyle Stirrups Review

SafeStyle Stirrup

Recently I posted a review of the Acavallo Arena Stirrups, my first foray into modern safety stirrups. The second brand that opted to try are the SafeStyle Stirrups. The SafeStyle stirrups are manufactured in the Netherlands and are a smaller, family-owned business, quite different from a company like Acavallo. There’s a lot to like about […]

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Acavallo Arena Stirrups Review

Acavallo Arena Stirrups

Once I was ready to start riding again, I got serious about getting the safety stirrups. The Acavallo Arena was a top choice for me. I like the look and they are (gasp) reasonably priced at $195. While I love the bright colors of the Free Jump stirrups, when I start foxhunting again, I’ll get […]

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More Safety Stirrup Choices

Acavallo Arena

Picking up from yesterday’s post, here are a few more options for safety stirrups. One the options I find very interesting is the Acavallo Arena. This design features the hinge at the bottom of the stirrup rather than the top. The stirrup bow is made of aluminum, while the opening arm is made of a […]

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Safety Stirrups go High Tech – Part 1

Copes Safety Stirrup

I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about my accident. Of course, I wished I’d stopped riding five minutes earlier. Or had only ridden Freedom. But the other thing that I’ve puzzled over is how I fractured my right knee. The injuries on the left side are easy to understand. Zelda and I both fell […]

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Wide Footbed Stirrups – Do They Make a Difference?

Back in the “old days”, stirrups came in one flavor. Fillis. Then came the evolution of the stirrup into flexy, bendy composite things that cost orders of magnitude more than those plain metal ones. For a long time I scoffed at those expensive stirrups. Then my knees started to hurt. Then I developed tendonitis in […]

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I’m lame

For once it’s not one of my horses that is lame. It’s me. I have posterior tibial tendonitis. Which means I have swelling under my ankle bone and pain in my arch and ankle. It hurts when I walk. But even worse, it hurts when I ride. Part of the problem is that the stirrup […]

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Stirrup Bar Safety Latches Up or Down?

The releasable latch on the stirrup bar is called a ‘safety latch’. It is designed to flip up, which keeps your leathers on the bar, or down, which allows them to be removed. However, many people use the latch in the wrong position to be safe. For riding, the safety latch should be down. Always. […]

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