5 thoughts on “A small bit of luxury

    1. I have a pair of Steuben stirrup leathers, just like you and Hermes, prob’ly the only Steuben I’ll ever own. Love ’em, they’re so thin I don’t even know they’re there. Years ago, I was a courier in DC metro area. There’s a Hermes store at Tysons Corner, on the ground floor of office building I frequented as part of my job. I used to drool over the saddles they’d display. Never did give in to my fantasy of going in and asking, “Could I just….sit on it?”

  1. How cool! I don’t like the flexible stirrups anymore so I’d use them if they showed up on a saddle purchase of mine, hehe.

  2. I have a pair of beautiful De Niro Italian boots that I Love. Got on sale for a song. Waiting still with using them – they’re so nice and new!

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