More Safety Stirrup Choices

Acavallo Arena
Acavallo Arena
The Acavallo Arena is another hinged stirrup.

Picking up from yesterday’s post, here are a few more options for safety stirrups. One the options I find very interesting is the Acavallo Arena. This design features the hinge at the bottom of the stirrup rather than the top. The stirrup bow is made of aluminum, while the opening arm is made of a special polyamide material. One of the things that appeals to me about the stirrup is it has an extra wide tred and is supposed to have a bit of flex to it, making it comfortable for those of us with old knees. Cost: These stirrups retail for about $195.

Kwik Out stirrup
The Kwik Out Stirrup was popular but almost impossible to find.

Kwik Out Stirrups get a lot of positive reviews on line but they are almost impossible to find for sale. I did find them offered for sale in Australia. The stirrups are designed to release when pressure is applied to the side bar. Once released the bar can be clipped back in place. Cost: These stirrups run about $149 in US dollars. I’ve also seen them on eBay so if you are lucky you could pick them up for less. Note: although you aren’t supposed to be able to replace the stirrup tread, there are instructions on line that tell you how to do so.

One of the newest stirrup designs out there comes from SafeStyle. Their stylish stirrup simply eliminates the inside branch altogether. I have to say that it’s quite elegant, but makes me a bit nervous. I’d be interested in trying one but when galloping cross country, I want to know that my stirrups will be secure. That’s probably why the

Safestyle stirrup
This version of the Safestyle stirrup includes a branch.

company also offers a version of the stirrup with a breakaway branch. Cost: There are no dealers in the US but you can buy these stirrups directly from the manufacturer. The price per pair starts at $75 (shipping costs included). The version with the closed side runs closer to $200.

Another popular stirrup that is advertised as a safety

Sprenger Bow Balance
The Sprenger Bow Balance Stirrup

stirrup is the Sprenger Bow Balance. The stirrup is designed to reduce stress on knees and ankles thanks to its wide footbed and the 4-way flexibility of the branches. The stirrup is designed to reduce stress on knees and ankles thanks to its wide footbed and the 4-way flexibility of the branches. I already own this stirrup as it’s very comfortable, especially when you are out hunting for many miles. It’s the System 4 technology used in these stirrups that makes it a safety stirrup, too as it is supposed to enable the immediate release of the foot in case of emergency. I’m slightly skeptical about how they would stack up against stirrups where the branch opens up. I was not using these stirrups when Zelda fell so I don’t know if they would have helped. Cost: These stirrups retail for about $225.

What am I going to buy? I’ve still got another month before I can walk, so I have plenty of time to think about this more. If you’ve tried one of these stirrups and want to weigh in, I’d love to hear about your experience. As for the price? While I’m shocked to see stirrups that are so expensive that some stores offer payment plans (!) compared to fracturing your knee? They are a bargain.

5 thoughts on “More Safety Stirrup Choices

      1. Hi Liz. I am trying to find a great break away stirrup. What did you end up trying? I would be grateful for your input.

      2. Hi Nancy, I bought the Safestyle and the Acavallo Arena stirrups
        Here are the individual reviews

        Having ridden in them now for several years, I will say my favorite is the Safestyle. I really like the 90-degree (forward facing design) and find them to be comfortable. The Arena is fine, but it’s not that easy to pick them up and be sure they are facing the right way. I also find them to be a bit clunky. I wish that you could buy the Safestyle stirrups in the US because the shipping costs are high and it can take awhile for them to arrive.

        Luckily, I have not had the chance to test the effectivenss of either.

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