Destination Barn

First time back

This week we had two days where the temperatures were higher than 70 degrees. I was particularly grateful for the first day, Tuesday, when I had a doctor’s appointment and had to do my first excursion. Wednesday was a bonus day and my husband took me to visit the horses.

Leaving my house is not easy. We live in an embankment ranch — most of the living is on one floor, but since the house is built into a hill, the living space is one flight up. Coming home from the hospital, I got an ambulance crew to drive me over and carry me up the 12 stairs but that seemed like a lot to go through (and expensive) every time I needed to leave the house. Plus, I was a tiny bit concerned that I wouldn’t be able to get out of the house in an emergency.

Wheelchair ramp
This ramp is awesome. Very sturdy and smooth.

Thank goodness for eBay, because I found the perfect wheelchair ramp for sale about an hour away from where we live. It was a tremendous find because even renting one for a few months was close to $1500 and, guess what? Insurance won’t cover it! My husband installed the ramp last weekend (right before it snowed) and then we put the rest of the plan into action.

Getting out the back of the house is just the first step. There’s only a semblance of a path down to the driveway and it’s downhill. So, my husband bought all terrain wheels for my wheelchair. The ride down the ramp was super smooth. The ride around the house? A bit more exciting.

Wheelchair and board
Here’s my wheelchair with the tricked out wheels and the super duper slide board

Of course then I had to get into the car. Things that I’ve never given a second thought become monumental when you are faced with transfers at different levels. Here we used a special long slide board (it even has a disk on it that helps you move!) that worked like a charm.

It was fantastic to be out in the sunshine and warmth. I worried that the horses wouldn’t come near me in the wheelchair, but although Freedom was a little snorty, they recognized my voice and were more curious than scared.  Most of the time Zelda and Freedom tried to bite each other over the fence and then Zelda played with the cover of the water tank, making it bob.

Both trips exhausted me, but it was worth it. The good news is that my doctor reported I’m healing well. I should be able to switch to a walker or crutches in two weeks and then be walking unaided in two more.


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