I’m lame

I have posterior tibial tendonitis. What caused it? I hurt it initially over the summer when I spent two days wearing flip flops at a regatta. Two many hours on my feet but not enough support. I thought it was all better, but over the past few weeks it’s flared up again.

For once it’s not one of my horses that is lame. It’s me.

I have posterior tibial tendonitis. Which means I have swelling under my ankle bone and pain in my arch and ankle. It hurts when I walk. But even worse, it hurts when I ride.

Acavallo stirrups
I think I’m going to try stirrups like these which would reduce the pressure of pronation.

Part of the problem is that the stirrup causes my foot to pronate. And that during hunting season I was riding short, with a lot of weight in my stirrups. Long rides with a lot of two point and jumping.

Last week I knew I was in trouble. I was out riding Zelda and experienced shooting pain through my ankle and foot.

So, what’s the cure? If it was my horse that was lame it would be simple: Rest, ice and support. I’d give my horse two weeks off.

But it’s hard to rest your feet when you have chores to do, places to go and horses to ride. Ice helps with the inflammation and I’ve been trying orthotic insoles to give more support to my arch. My doctor told me to wear them in all my shoes, including my riding boots. Now, there’s a product that’s hit or miss. I’ve tried five different kinds so far and only one doesn’t make my foot feel worse. The craziest experience with them was at a store where they tried to sell me a “system” of insoles — three different kinds that cost, get this, $300 each! You’d think that they were products for horses.

Right now I’ve settled on a plan. I’m wearing Birkenstocks or Haflinger clogs 24/7. The best inserts I’ve found are also Birks . . . and are “only” about $50.  And I think I’m going to spend the month of December riding without stirrups.


8 thoughts on “I’m lame

  1. Bad Christmas surprise Liz. I hope your next present is to heal quickly. I ended up with pulled tendons in the back of both heels from posting out of my heels for so many years. They don’t heal on their own either so I’m VERY sympathetic. As far as getting off, I just hold on tightly as I slide off so I can land on the balls of my feet, and not pound the hole leg. Of course there is the mounting block if you have a really cooperative horse at the end of the ride.

    1. Yup, that’s what I’m doing. Zelda is trickier because she’s bigger. Freedom is closer to the ground which is a real advantage.

    1. Thanks, I’ve been stretching too but will do more. Yes, I have the Bow Balance stirrups which are jointed.

  2. ohhhh nooooo 🙁 that type of pain is the absolute worst – really anything with the soft tissue structures of the foot. hopefully you’ll be able to find stirrups that make you more comfortable!

  3. There are a lot of running/athletic shoes made to support over pronation. I know Brooks has a few models. I wore custom orthotics from my doctor for years. Also, yoga can help pretty much any ailment! Best of luck, and I hope you feel better soon!

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