It’s the little things

Scary letters
The lettering that appeared on the road overnight created quite the barrier. It probably took me five minutes to convince Freedom that we could get past it without injury.

Horses notice everything. Especially the little things that change in their environment. It’s part of their survival strategy, their lives as prey animals. Something out of the ordinary can be, well, life threatening.

Like the white lettering that appeared on the road at the bottom of the driveway overnight. The barking dogs can be ignored; the sound of blasting at the construction site down the street is fine; the letters on the pavement are not.

There was much snorting, some backing up and a lot of coaxing before we managed to tip toe along the side of the road around those horse-eating letters. Thank goodness by the time we returned they were old news and he walked right over them.

6 thoughts on “It’s the little things

  1. Of course, then there are those things they see every single day, and walk by every single day, in the barn that, suddenly, inexplicably, must have grown fangs over night!

  2. My horse was a little concerned about a couple of squirrels today… I think that it is so amazing though that prey animals will trust us to tell them it will be okay!

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