Lorenzo the Flying French Man: A Modern Take on Trick Riding

Take the tradition of trick riding, add some great music, dramatic scenes from the beaches in France, a team

Lorenzo and his Lusitanos
Lorenzo and his Lusitanos

of Lusitano horses and a handsome young french man and you have all the ingredients you need for international success. Lorenzo empathetic communication with his horses often requires neither bridle nor saddle as he guides them over (and under) fences and through the waters. Lorenzo has a large following and he has been the featured performer at many international events.

The 30-year old Lorenzo (ne Laurent) began trick riding on his Camargue pony at the age of 6 and gave his first performance at age 8.

Lorenzo performing
Lorenzo performing in 1988 on Niasque

His web site is wonderful and well worth a visit, both for the photos and for the music. Sit back and enjoy the show!

9 thoughts on “Lorenzo the Flying French Man: A Modern Take on Trick Riding

  1. How crazy is that?! Imagine the balance he has to have. Wowsers.
    Although I will say that the when he’s on the ground those horses look like they would like to kick his face in. LOL!

  2. I’ve seen him lots of times as he visits one of our local horse events year after year. His horses appear to like him and enjoy the work they do. He “rides” four without bridles in the second half of the show, directing them with two long wands touching their necks and shoulders. The horses are submissive, ears slightly back, but not in the least grudging in their performance, which includes bending through obstacles, and jumping. In one show I saw, one of the free horses wandered off, and when he called it back it came and lined up in the right place. It might be just a nice bit of showmanship but you can’t force that kind of co-operation.

  3. hi –

    fascinated by the music from lorenzo’s short film – can’t find music credits anywhere and the link to his website (above) is a dead end…

    any ideas?

    1. Hi Tracey, I’m sure you’ve found the name of Lorenzo’s by now but if not I think it’s ‘Kiato’ by Flowers you are thinking of that he uses in Lorenzo Emotion. He also use ‘Wonderful World’ (Over the Rainbow) by Israel Kamakawiwoʻole. It’s magical, emotive and full of passion.

  4. After watching Lorenzo at Olympia a few times I am fascinated with him. The amount of strength he must have to control six horses at once is amazing. Also he has so many sets of reins to use, very very confusing. His relationship with his horses must be fantastic, what a great partnership. Keep up the good work Lorenzo!

  5. Ohmigod, this guy is FANTASTIC!!! I just saw Lorenzo’s video for the first time and I am awestruck by the beauty of this show. What a wonderful relationship he has with his beautiful horses. PLEASE come to the United States. I would pay just about anything to see you!!

  6. pls if anyone knows where he’ll be performing, keep me posted….si quelqu’un sait o„†u il donnera son show, faites moi savoir s’il vous plait…merci

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