Safety Stirrups for Olympians

Safety stirrups are no longer to be relegated to riding schools and beginners.

Rodrigo Pessoa Rides with the new Xup Safety Stirrup
Rodrigo Pessoa Rides with the new X'up Safety Stirrup

Rodrigo Pessoa and Ludger Beerbaum are among the Olympians who use an innovative (and expensive — to the tune of 265 Euros) new safety stirrup called the X’up, made by Freejumpsystem, a French company that’s mission is to introduce technical products that ensure better safety, improved performance and greater comfort.

The stirrups appear a bit odd, with one side open, it looks almost like it’s just broken. However, look at them up close and you’ll see a high tech piece of equipment that looks space age in comparison to most riding gear.

The X’up stirrup features an automatic release

Xup Stirrups are very high tech!
X'up Stirrups are very high tech!

feature that is based on the technology used for ski bindings and bike pedals. The stirrup essentially clips onto the bottom of your boot and releases if the rider falls. The company also sells matching Es’one shoes and Mini chaps.

Certainly, the riding in safety stirrups reduces the risk of serious industry. They have just never looked so cool until now. Definitely, this is not your father’s Peacock stirrup!

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