Limbering Up your Horse with Basic Stretches

Many people have heard that “carrot stretches” or the “tail stretch” can help your horse stay supple and loosen up tight muscles. Theses stretches take only a few minutes and are a great way to end a grooming routine.

The beauty of the Internet is now there are videos on line that show you how to perform these stretches safely and properly. In these two videos, the stretches are demonstrated by Dr. Joanna Robson, a veterinarian from Napa, Calif. (Please note that these videos used to be posted on Google video and could be embedded. Unfortunately, you now have to link to them on the Baystate Equestrian Network site, which is a great resource).

The Carrot Stretch

The Tail Stretch

One thought on “Limbering Up your Horse with Basic Stretches

  1. I love doing things like these on days when I don’t ride. To me they’re great tests of just how your horse is feeling before a ride or on their off days. I can’t wait to try the tail stretch.

    I want to help the horse that I lease be more flexible for days when her owner gets on her, as he tends to ask alot out of her and she’s usually quite stiff the next day.

    This is my first comment here, but I have been religiously reading your reviews. If you ever need the expertise of a web designer, let me know! 🙂

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