Elmer Bandit now Just 110 Miles Behind World Record!

Elmer Bandit and his owner, Mary Anna Wood, are chipping away at the World Record for competitive trail riding. The pair completed the Kansas Flint Hills Competitive Trail Ride on October 4-5 bringing Elmer’s unofficial mileage to 20,600, a mere 110 miles off the World Record!

The 37-year old half-Arabian has a lot of fans around the world rooting for him. It’s a great story of an incredible partnership and an ongoing inspiration to all of us who have horses that are aging. My own horse is 17 and every time I read about Elmer, it makes him seem young!

Published accounts report that last weekend’s ride was a tough one for horses of all ages. It was hot, rocky and steep. Event managers even slowed the required speed on Sunday to give the horses a better chance. Even then, Elmer finished outside the maximum time so was awarded just mileage and completion points.

Stay tuned for the next chapter: Elmer and Mary Anna are entered in the Indian Cave Competitive Trail Ride in Nebraska next weekend!

To read more about Elmer Bandit’s accomplishments: Elmer Bandit Adds Another 60 Miles, Course Takes Toll on Competitors.

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