What did I do Before the Davis Soaking Boot!

Davis Soaking Boots take the pain out of soaking.
Davis Soaking Boots take the pain out of soaking.

Freedom, my TB, recently suffered from a bad abscess. A rock worked it’s way under his hoof pad and the abscess came out the heel bulb. It was swollen and painful.

I can remember soaking a horse’s foot before Davis Soaking Boots were widely available. Often times the process was more painful than the injury, at least to the horse owner.

It went like this:

  • Heat water in a tea kettle, pour into a bucket with plenty of epsom salts.
  • Next, put horse on cross ties.
  • Put bucket of hot water and epsom salts in front of him.
  • Lift the hoof that needs soaking and attempt to place it in bucket of hot water. Horse resists putting his foot in the water several times.
  • Horse finally stamps down in the water, spraying water and epsom salts all over you.
  • Horse stands still for three seconds, then lifts foot and knocks over the bucket, spilling water all over the aisle.
  • Begin again.

Now, you simply mix up the hot water and epsom salts, put the boot on the horse, pour the mixture into the boot and you’re in business! I often let my horse snack on hay in his stall or even graze while they are soaking. They don’t even know they are being treated.

Definitely, a product that works.

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