Who’s Out There?

A couple of days ago I installed Sitemeter, a website analytics program, onto my blog. While WordPress offers some tracking capabilities as part of their package, I have been curious to know more about who has been reading my blog, and more specifically, where they are from.

When I started this blog, back in March, I really had no idea what to expect. Would anyone read it? I enjoy writing articles for Equine Ink as it’s one of the only opportunities I have to write about a topic that interests me personally. I was spending way too much time posting on equine forums and wanted a space where I could write on the topics that I chose.

After just a few days of tracking, I’m already amazed by how the global span of readers. There are people from the next town over, and others from different continents. I think it’s amazingly cool that people from other countries are finding their way to my blog. I just hope they find the journey worthwhile.

Here’s a sampling from earlier this morning:

  • United States Bothell, Washington
  • United States Linthicum Heights, Maryland
  • United States Metairie, Louisiana
  • United States Boise, Idaho
  • United Kingdom Dudley
  • United States Loveland, Colorado
  • Germany Frankfurt Am Main, Hessen
  • United States Gainesville, Florida
  • United States New York
  • Czech Republic Pardubice, Pardubicky Kraj
  • United States Boulder, Colorado
  • Brazil Curitiba, Parana
  • United States Greensboro, North Carolina
  • Poland Znin, Bydgoszcz
  • United States Monroe, Michigan
  • United States Syracuse, New York
  • United States Wyoming, Rhode Island
  • United States Ohio City, Ohio
  • United States Longview, Texas
  • United States Lexington, Kentucky
  • Slovakia Brezno, Banska Bystrica
  • United States Round Rock, Texas
  • United States Chatham, New Jersey
  • United States Sudbury, Massachusetts
  • United Kingdom Newbury, West Berkshire
  • Canada Halifax, Nova Scotia
  • United States Oswego, New York
  • United States Midland, Texas
  • United States Fort Myers, Florida
  • United States Richmond, Virginia
  • United Kingdom
  • Canada Sydney, Nova Scotia

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