The Hoof Pick as Useable Art

Epona Art Deco Hoof Pick

Hoof picks are ubiquitous at a barn. Often costing less than 50 cents, they are not usually something that I’ve thought much about. I bought them in bulk and lost them almost as fast as I purchased them.

By chance I came across a few that changed my mind. These are hoof picks that are both functional and attractive. I can imagine how well some of them would fit in my hand and that they might give me more pleasure than my old plastic hoof pick.

With the holidays right around the corner, these look like a great gift for any equestrian. And there’s a style for everyone! Hoof care never looked this good.

These picks below are forged by hand, many of them made from old horse shoes which appeals to the idea of form following function.




The pick below is cast from solid brass. Epona offers several models, but I like the art-deco version. Not only is it functional, but a portion of the proceeds are donated to breast cancer research.




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