George Morris, Avert your Eyes!

If you’ve ever read George Morris’ Jumping Clinic column in Practical Horseman, you must check out this site. It has the best spoof of the column that I’ve ever read. The rest of the site is pretty darn funny too. Nice to see some horse people with a sense of humor!

For those readers not familiar with hunter/jumper guru Morris, he is one of the most influential trainers in the U.S. The chef d’equipe of the US Olympic Show Jumping Team, he wrote a book considered by many to be the Bible of equitation: Hunter Seat Equitation and American Jumping Style. While he is undoubtedly a master trainer, Morris is also known for a style that can be well, sarcastic, especially toward riders in clinics who are unprepared, dressed sloppily, overweight, or who don’t pay attention. I have audited several of his clinics and learned a lot: I found much of his advice spot on, but also realized that his teaching style did not suit me.

Looking on the Internet, you will find that commentary about Mr. Morris abounds:

Favorite George Morris Quotes

Funny, Mean or Combination Quotes/Sayings

Am I Being Oversensitive . . .?

Here’s the preview on a nice DVD of George Morris teaching on the flat:

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