Here’s a Bike that will Win a Young Equestrian’s Heart

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When I was a kid — actually, this lasted well into my teens — when I rode my bike I always imagined that it was a horse.

I used to practice my “two seat” and as I approached shadows or lines in the pavement, I would pretend to jump them.

I certainly would have begged for a Pony Pal bike. Certainly, the folks who created this knew that to inspiring equestrians, authenticity is key. Especially as this may be as close to a real pony as many kids ever get.

Details include:

The miniature English saddle for Pony Pals was created by Paul Selvey. Paul is a master saddle maker from the original saddle making capital of the world, Walsall, England. He has made many of the saddles used by the top riders for the U.S. Equestrian Olympic team. He has designed the Pony Pals saddle to include authentic equestrian touches.

The life-like pony head for Pony Pals was created by Lado Goudjabidze. Lado is an award winning, internationally renowned sculptor and artist born in the Republic of Georgia. His numerous works include the bust of Mahatma Gandhi which is displayed at the United Nations headquarters in New York and a portrait of John F. Kennedy at the Kennedy Center in Washington, D.C.

Special Features:

The mane on the Pony Pals pony bike is made of synthetic hair and can be groomed and washed.

The saddle seat can be raised or lowered 4 1/2″. The handlebar height is also adjustable.

The tail is designed to “bob” up and down (much like an Arabian horse’s tail) when the pony bike is ridden.

The good news? No need to feed means no need to muck stalls, even if you keep your pony in a “stall” in your garage.

The company sells appropriate equestrian attire for the pony’s owner, making the illusion complete! Just make sure your small equestrian brings her own ASTM approved helmet.

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  1. Such a one-of-a-kind, unique product! My niece and nephew won’t stop riding their new “ponies”! I placed my order and had it shipped right to their house. I highly recommend this bike.

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