Samurai rides again

Look carefully at this photo and try to figure out how the horse was created.

What is the medium for this fabulous picture of a Samurai?
What is the medium for this fabulous picture of a Samurai?

It was created on a rice paddy. It’s the Japanese variation on crop art. According to the blog Art in Japan,

To obtain the best visual effect, the farmers of Inakadate get busy as early as when they prepare to plant rice in every April. They design well the pictures that they want to demonstrate this year in advance, and then plant rice with different varieties and different colors of leaf in the rice paddies, thus to “paint” out different kinds of pictures in the rice paddies.

Visit the blog for more photos on this amazing art form.

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  1. Wow! I’ve always loved the way the Japanese portray horses but this is really something special. It reminds me of a cross between Tibetan sand paintings, crop circles and the Corn Palace in South Dakota. It must’ve taken a lot of people a long time to put that one together. If only people would put that much time and effort into caring for their equestrian equipment and properly training their horses! Thanks for sharing!

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