PSA – Surgeon General releases health warning on horse hair.

Urgent Notice: Potential Danger of Horse Hair

This is a public service announcement. In a press release today, the National Institute of Health has announced the discovery of a potentially dangerous substance in the hair of horses. This substance, called “amobacter equuii” has been linked with the following symptoms in female humans:

  • reluctance to cook
  • reluctance to perform house work
  • reluctance to wear anything but boots
  • reluctance to work except in support of a horsephysical craving for contact with horses (may be an addiction).

Beware! If you come in contact with a female human infected by this substance, be prepared to talk about horses for hours on end.

Surgeon General’s Warning: Horses are expensive, addictive, and may impair the ability to use common sense.

6 thoughts on “PSA – Surgeon General releases health warning on horse hair.

  1. HA! Now that explains it. Must have caught the dang thing at a very early age. Always wondered why I hated to cook. And clean house. And longed for horses. If there is a cure, don’t let it anywhere near me!!!!!

  2. I’m stricken!! FINALLY an answer. Great research…so happy there is no cure in sight.

    I never would have figured it out. I think all my friends must have it too, since we all like to talk about horses for hours on end.


  3. Oh well. I always had a sneaking suspicion that I was chronically ill with something. Now I know what it is, and that there is no cure. We should also point out the futility of such concepts as the search for the cure and support groups. It would be fun, though to assign ourselves a little ribbon for our lapels. Maybe made of horse hair? ;/

  4. I must be only partially infected, I love to cook. But housework? Well, it’s clean. The house is clean, okay? Not spotless, but it’s clean. HOwever, the windows haven’t been touched in years and the bookshelves are dusty. I blame the cats on the latter and the rain in the former.

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