Is the Hoover Cart going to make a reappearance?

Hoover carts or Bennett Buggies appeared during the Great Depression when car owners could no longer afford gas.

During the great depression, many car owners could no longer afford gas for their cars.

Instead they went back to the one horse power model. They took the engines out, cut off the rear of the car, attached a tongue to the front axle and pulled it with a horse or mule.

These converted cars were called either “Hoover Carts” in honor of president Hoover, or Bennett Buggies, after Canadian Conservative Prime Minister R. B. Bennett.

Now, New York artist Jeremy Dean is building a modern Hoover cart — this time using a Hummer! The converted car will be featured in an exhibit at the New York Pulse Art Fair that opens on March 3rd.

Dean’s series, called Futurama, explores the history of the automobile, development within the car industry, and speaks of the now seemingly gratuitous nature of the SUV culture. It addresses, too, in being horse-drawn, the uncertain automobile future we face as fuel reserves dwindle.

Jeremy Dean's interpretaion of the Hoover Cart uses a Hummer as the basis for the vehicle. I think he might need a more powerful horse to pull a car that's so heavy!

While the Hoover wagons of old were simple and functional, Dean’s creation sends a message about modern overindulgence: it will include such features as drop-down TVs, leather seats, additional chrome package details, working running lights, a stereo and speaker system, an entertainment system including 3 LCD video screens, a DVD player, chrome rims, and – essential for any modern-day carriage – low profile wheels.

All I can say is that if it comes to the point where we need horses to pull our cars, readers of this blog will likely be ahead of the game as we already have them. Now, we just need to start teaching them how to drive!

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