OMG! Horse falls out of trailer at highway speeds in Houston!

A horse fell out of a trailer on route Highway 59 yesterday in Houston. Against all odds, the horse survived without serious injury. The driver of the trailer, oblivious to the early exit of his passenger and the traffic jam that occurred behind him, only discovered the horse was missing when he got home.

Watch the video

7 thoughts on “OMG! Horse falls out of trailer at highway speeds in Houston!

  1. Thank God the horse wasn’t seriously injured. It’s deeply shocking to me to watch the horse fighting against getting back into a trailer. My guess is it was exhausted, hopefully tranquilized, and still it was ready to lie down rather than go through the possibility of falling out again. I felt so bad for the poor thing. And of course they had to get him out of there for treatment and safety…it was just painful to watch. I hope they post a follow up on the story, so we can know how he’s doing.

    1. Ditto what TheLiteraryHorse said here.

      I too understand that they had to get the horse into a trailer for everyone’s safety, but it broke my heart to have to watch that.

  2. I just found your blog and love it! I hope your shoeless experiment continues to go well as I am about to drop shoes on one of my horses! I’ll let you know how it goes! At first I dreaded this blogging but now I love it but you guys are hard acts to follow! Thanks for adding me to your roll, I’m adding you to mine too! Stop by anytime!

  3. This was so heartbreaking! I can’t believe the driver didn’t feel the horse fall out as he was driving! I’m going to link up to this post.

  4. I found myself shouting at the cop who was smacking the horse on the rump with the rope, “Stop it! That isn’t helping!”

    Good thing the horse got in or who knows what awful things they’d have done to get him in.

    Can you imagine tooling down the road utterly ignorant that a horse had vanished from your trailer?

    How awful.

  5. How do you not notice a horse falling out of your trailer? Even if you somehow didn’t see it, you would certainly feel a 1,000 pound difference in your load. That poor horse.

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