Imagine finding a strange horse in your pasture

This Fiberglass horse from Clive Seddon looks pretty darn real!

Last week, Australian horse owner Jenny Mahoney found a strange horse in her pasture when she woke up. Sadly, this story isn’t uncommon — in Australia, as well as the US, people who can no longer feed their horses are leaving them in other peoples’ feeds

But this wasn’t your average horse dumping.

“I only have the one, McBeal, so I slowly approached the strange horse, saying ‘Steady, easy fella,’ ” she told the Herald Sun. “It was only when I got right up to it in the dark that I realized it was a life-size, fiberglass horse.”

The Mahoneys were amused by the horse, but Jenny said McBeal was positively enamored, nuzzling it until it fell over. She reported it to the police, just in case the model had been reported stolen. (It’s believed¬†to have¬†originated at a defunct miniature golf course in the area.)

But the story doesn’t end there.

Two days later she found the horse moved to another part of the pasture with a fly mask on its head. So she added a red blanket too.

Another two days later, the horse was gone. In its place was a 13-foot fiberglass crocodile.

“The croc had the horse rug stuffed down its throat and was meant to look like it had eaten the horse” Mahoney reported.

At least this horse left no manure and ate no hay! It can come visit my horse any time.

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