Amigo is one amazingly tenacious horse

Most of us have scratched our heads about the trouble that our horses manage to get into. I’m still wondering how Freedom ended up with bloody scratches all over his head (which thankfully did only superficial damage).

Here’s a story that makes you wish the horse could talk. His case has attracted so much attention he even has his own Facebook page with more than 4,100 fans.

Amigo, a 10 year old Arabian endurance horse, was found one afternoon impaled on a tree branch. Owner Gary Sanderson took him to UT Equine Hospital where vets removed the branch but still gave him only a 2% chance of recovery. Despite the dire prognosis, Amigo has, so far, beat the odds and having survived a few set backs, appears on the road to recovery.

His veterinary care, however, has not been inexpensive. The bills are upwards of $20,000. His owner has made an appeal on Facebook to raise money for his veterinary bills. So far about $5K has been raised.

From his Facebook page:

On January 17, 2010, Amigo was found at the barn at 4:20pm with a 2in wide limb in his left side. Only Amigo knows how this happened, maybe a tree fell on him or he slipped onto a downed tree. But on 100 acres the fact he walked to the barn is amazing! The vet that responded first advised that if Amigo was his horse, he would put him down. That was how serious the injury was.

Gary decided to give Amigo a chance to recover and took him to UT Large Animal Clinic. Under his own power, Amigo walked into the trailer, made the trip standing while eating hay, made the 30 yard walk at the clinic to the stockade.

Amigo was immediately taken into surgery to remove the limb, where he was not sedated and stood for the entire surgery. The limb broke 2 ribs and collapsed his left lung. Days following the surgery were very rough. They feared that laminitis would set in. He was given antibiotics to fight the the bacterial infection in his lungs.

Since the surgery he has over come every hurdle placed in front of him from both lungs collapsing forcing the vets to put drainage tubes in both lungs to platelets dropping to 16,000 from 100,000. Amigo had 11 bags of plasma, from 2 donors, and he had immune mediated Thrombocytopenia – destruction of platelets by his own immune system. He had a blood clot go to his brain, causing him to collapse. He then got up on his own.

Through everything that has happened, Amigo has remained calm and collected, not once biting or kicking. He is one amazing boy with one amazing will to live! He is improving daily jumping every hurdle that has been in his way! He misses his home and his fellow boys in the barn as well as his daddy!

Thank you to everyone that has been keeping Amigo in their thoughts and prayers! They have helped greatly!

If anyone would like to make donations to this amazing boy to help with his vet bill the information is below and will be greatly appreciated!

Anyone wishing to donate for Amigo’s care can do so though Paypal . Click on icon above, login and use Kara’s email addy for account: Amigo THANKS everyone for the prayers and concerns!!

Make checks payable to:
University of TN Large Animal Clinic Patient #211197 Amigo

University of TN c/o Business office
2407 River Drive
Knoxville, TN 37996

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