These breeches already know how to ride.

For $3,500 you could take a whole lot of lessons and even buy a pair or two of new Equissentials!

When I was XC skiing in Vermont recently, they had some used equipment for sale. It was labeled, “Experienced equipment. Already knows how to ski.”

Maybe the person selling these Equissential breeches, pre-worn by Linda Parelli, are using the same strategy and insinuating that by wearing them, the person buying them will have the spandex memory of Parelli. Why else would they imagine that someone else would pay $3500 for a pair of used breeches?! Of course, whether or not you are a Parelli devotee plays a large role in that decision but given that these have been listed at least a few times before, it does not seem that people are eager to pony up the cash.

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  1. Why oh why did I just toss my old Marlboro boots? They were worn in the presence of a demi-god German Dressage Trainer. I believe he even touched one to angle my toe differently in the stirrup.


    I could have sold them???

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