Using the Micklem Multibridle with a Bit

Freedom models the Micklem Multibridle.

When I first bought this bridle it was to use on my Trakehner who preferred being ridden bitless. I never used it as a bitted bridle.

Since he died, it sat in my tack trunk for about a year until the day I wanted to try a different bit on Freedom but didn’t want to take my hunt bridle apart. Once I had it out I remembered how much I like the design. The bridle is designed around the shape of a horse’s head so that it protects the horse’s facial nerves from overly tightened cavessons and flash attachments.

I really like the way the noseband supports the bit without interfering with his breathing.

I am a fan of the way the bridle is designed. It has fit both of my horses very well — it doesn’t rub or shift on his face, even in the bitless configuration. But what I particularly like about the bridle is that the noseband brings the best features of a drop noseband (in its support of the bit) without interfering with the way the horse breathes. My horse seems to appreciate it because he stays very quiet in his mouth.

I’ve also started using the bit clips that come with the bridle. You use the clips to attach the bit to the side rings which reduces pressure on the tongue and bars.

I certainly recommend it. I do get lots of comments on its appearance because it looks different. I have the original bridle with the ring that turns it into a lunging cavesson (the newer model wasn’t available). Since I don’t lunge Freedom, I would probably have bought the newer version which looks a little more polished.

While I probably won’t use it in the hunt field (it’s a bit too nontraditional) it is now my every day bridle.

Here’s a video that shows how to fit the Micklem Multibridle:

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3 thoughts on “Using the Micklem Multibridle with a Bit

  1. A very interesting bridle. I doubt I’ll ever get one as long as Izzy is ok in a normal bridle, but I had a friend with a horse who had a VERY itchy face. I’ve always wondered if this bridle would have helped that particular mare.

  2. Thanks for the reviews. I’ve been thinking about getting one for using backing youngsters so they get used to being ridden with a bit in but I can use reins on the noseband instead and also have a lunge option if they have a silly moment without needing more kit. Reviews generally on the net are mixed and I think these are down to people not knowing how to fit them so thanks for the vid and notes!

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