An Update from Courtney King Dye

How great it is that she is now able to write an update on her website!

Hello everyone!

Thank you for your cards, goodies, flowers and emails! I’m sorry I can’t respond to them all, but please know I am getting and appreciating all of them.

I am awake and tube free now! For those of you worried that I am becoming depressed, do not concern yourselves; I had to take a test on if the reason I giggled so much was a disorder! It is hard for me not to giggle when I’m struggling to do something that was once easy for me, like walking, talking or eating!

It’s difficult not to be sad when I think of how much it sucks what happened to me, how much I am missing out on etc., but I have become aware that I am not only lucky to be alive, but to have all my memories (except the final few days) and senses in tact.

I am very lucky to have the constant support of family (including husband—thank you, thank you, thank you!) friends, and dressage enthusiasts.

Much love and appreciation to all.


2 thoughts on “An Update from Courtney King Dye

  1. Happy to hear that you are doing much better. Keep your head up and look ahead to a new lease on life!! Angels are watching over you!

    Take care!
    Papineauville, Qc, Canada

  2. How great that you are feeling better. Too many of us take good health for granted, yet we are one tractor trailer truck (or in your case one fall with a horse) from disaster.
    Keep up the good work. We all want to see you back in the saddle soon.

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