I always wear my best jewelry when I ride!

Well, actually I haven’t since the day when I caught the end of my crop in my necklace chain going over a jump and sling-shotted my favorite amethyst pendant into a huge patch of poison ivy. I had never experienced poison ivy until that event but I guess the massive dose of it that I subjected my legs and hands to that day overwhelmed whatever immunity I had.

Yes, I found the pendant — but I had to rent a metal detector. And no, it wasn’t even in the poison ivy!

However, I suppose if you’re a real man, you put on your best jewelery to ride on the beach.

2 thoughts on “I always wear my best jewelry when I ride!

  1. I was always roundly mocked for wearing my regular jewelry to the barn. But I almost never take that stuff off, because I will lose it.
    I’m glad you found your pendant. I would have rented a metal detector, too!
    I don’t know about that guy being a “real man…..” Even IF he can gallop bareback in the surf. I am not sure I like men in jewelry, other than their wedding rings.

    1. I never take my jewelry off but I don’t wear any expensive stuff any more. Yes, I wear my wedding ring but other than that I have become addicted to jewelry made from aluminum rings (I’m now officially an Etsy addict!). That way, if something happens to it, I’m out 20$ instead of hundreds. Ironically I get more compliments on my brightly colored aluminum ring chainmaille than on any of my “real” stuff!

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