An update on the naughty pony

The video of Ed and Ross has gone viral. When I first watched it, there had been about 1,300 views — pretty high for a YouTube video. Today that number is up to 275,000 views! With all the discussion that’s gone on throughout the Internet (I’ve personally been sent this video four times), it’s reached the ears of the woman who posted the video — Ross’s grandmother. On the Chronicle of the Horse Forums she explains about Ross and Ed. It’s helpful to read the back story and learn what happened to Ed. I’ve left her words and spelling unedited.

hi everyone. i am Mandy ( ross’s nan .) firstly let me explain why i put the naughty clips together… it was to show the trainer where ed was going to be schooled of the problems we had with ed, he could go months not putting a foot wrong, and they needed to see that he could be naughty as alot of the time ed was fab. Ed was a fab lead rein pony and would follow you like a little puppy. Ross did not want to stay on lead rein and so he started to ride in paddock and got the feel of trot and canter while on a long lunge line. he picked it up really quick, and of course no longer wanted to be on lunge. Ross would then try to get ed to canter on his own steam, but being the stubbun pony that he could be would not move. ross would kick kick but no avail, ross’s legs were not below the saddle. so we tried a small crop, all was fine for some time and ross had great fun… you are right what you said about boys not wanting to learn your way just there way… and all he wanted was to have fun… all was good till ross got better at riding and he was telling ed where to go, and no your not going that way, basicly ross had started to take control and ed couldnt do or go where he wanted.. that was when we realised something not quite right with ed, and when ross would kick kick to get him to go he would buck ross off, so they would then have a battle of wills… ross would not let ed get away with it and if ross wanted him to go to oneway or do something ed would get him off….. he tried using the crop and ed paid attention, but after a while he was not having it and so every time ross used the crop he would have a tatrum, so ross stopped using the crop but that just made ed worse, he new he didnt have to do what was asked of him and that was that and no matter how much ross kicked he would not do what ross was asking, ross had a great idea that if he has a crop in his hand ed would think he would use it…. so if you watch the parts of ed being good you will notice that ross is only showing him the crop…. this worked fine for some time and ross was able to get on with riding and learning to go over some jumps too. it maybe wrong but ed would just follow another pony and fly over the jumps letting ross feel the way of jumping without having to put up with any battles of ed not wanting to do as ross wanted…. i got ed’s back checked out, got teeth checked, got saddle checked, all was ok, so i sent ed off to a trainer for reschooling for 2 weeks, i showed her the video of ed being naughty and ed being good, so she new what they had to deal with. they had girls who were very able riders… he got the first girl on the floor, she had no crop she used her legs.. she got back on, and after that they had just little problems, the odd buck and tatrum.. he was schooled to a good standard. we went and collected our new ed from school and brought him home…… he was alot better but would still have battles with ross, but this time ross was winning a few more than ed. i did get a trainer to yard to but he could not find a problem with ed at all and said he was a cracking little pony, and that ross rides him well….. i tried on many ocassions to get ross a new pony, but ross would not have that, he would just cry and say he loves ed, he cried more about the idea of letting ed go than any of his falls and mishaps… what could i do… i just had to try and let ross have fun on ed and make sure i was always there with him…. and he ALWAYS had his protection gear on…. things were good most of the time… ed would still sometimes have a bad attitude day, and on those days we just got through it…. he would only ride for 10 mins so they always ended on a good note… ross knew if ed was going to be naughty as soon as he got on him, and like i said he would just ride for a small amount of time and end with no fights… next thing i notice was ross had grown alot, and he could do with a bigger pony, it took me sometime for ross to agree and when he new ed was going to be trained to pull a cart he thought it was coooool… he went to a lovely home, the new owners new that ed was not a riding pony… he would be fine on a lead rein, but under no circumstances must he be allowed off lead rein with a rider…. they fully understood that, but wanted to train him to cart…. the back ground of ed was that he was not cut till he was about 5 and so had kept the neck and shoulder muscels, pulling a little cart would have been no problems…. as some of you may know we then bought pip…. it took a while for ross to bond as he missed ed so much…. but with pip he has never used a crop, and he has always had full control of pip even though he did look like a little dot on pip…. pip responses with leg, and ross has riding/jumping lessons on pip…. so everyone now you have the full story of that little “nuts” ed. and he was at times a right little “nuts”…. but at no time did he ever deserve to be pusing up daisys or in a can of dog food. he was ed and ross loved him, i can fully understand why you thought the worste…. i put the film on you tube to show the girls at our new yard what ed was like, cos when you tell people they just dont believe you…. yes he was a little “nuts” and when they watched the clips they then realised that there little pony was an angel……. i have put on ed being good just to try and show he was not all bad. i hope this clears up any idea that this film was put together for entertainment…. it was put together years ago to show the trainer his bad behaviour…. thank you for letting me say my piece….. and i hope you will all understand now that you have the bigger picture… may i also add that i dont want ross to be a fantastic rider he was the one who wanted to ride, i just wanted him to have fun, and believe me he does, he has riding lessons on pip beause pip listens to him….. ed did teach him a lot…. the other day he was out riding ( i was following) and he went past a gate, a large dog jumped up barking, even though pip is 100% it made him jump and and move sharply to the left, anyone else would have been off on the other side, but ross had full control and stayed calm……. ed taught ross that they are animals with minds of there own and to expect the unexpected, and ross did and is always prepared for anything…. i have seen kids put on bomb proof ponies (i dont believe they exsist) and not even have a hat on, only for the parents say “o its ok the pony wont do anything, and then walk around plastic bag flies up horses jumps and kid comes off with not even a hat on…. guess you can guess out come… child is hurt…ross always wore top range safety hat, body armour, safety stiruups,( did have to get wider pair) and he had a soft landing on soft laid arena…

kind regards mandy

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  1. well, while i still question their judgment, at least i can give them a little credit for not blaming the pony totally and for finding him a good, suitable home; it’s more consideration than most ‘naughty’ horses get…. thanks for posting the follow-up.

  2. Ya know, when I first saw the video, I thought that there HAD to be something wrong with Ed that wasn’t being addressed. It looks like Mandy looked at everything and found no problems. So, this is just a learning experience for Ross, then. Nothing wrong with that, and I’m glad Ed was able to find a job he’ll probably enjoy.

  3. I loved the video and could totally relate to my childhood shetland acting the same way. They’re smart and Ross is a great rider. Most children would have been babies and cried and not wanted to get back on. A+ to making him continue to ride, to learn to fall, to wear proper protection (helmet & vest) I cried from laughing so hard. It was true pony-form. Like a fellwell from hell. Cheers!

  4. Ha! I’m happy to see, only minutes after my last comment, that Ed wasn’t always a bear and that Ross loved him and kept him. I’m also glad to hear they were able to sell Ed personally.

    I hope Ross continues to ride. Sounds like he’s close to learning that not only can horses bolt unexpectedly, but often they ask “should I be afraid?” first. The world needs more calm riders.

  5. I’m not sure I understand what the controversy is all about. I love this video! It’s hilarious! And what a great sport Ross is! You can clearly see that there is a special bond between the two; quite humorous actually. I love it!


    here are some more clips of ross riding ed, you will see how much ross loved fo the few who made comments that ed should have been SHOT AND MADE INTO DOG FOOD, this is a short film of the bond and love that ross had for ed. please note that the feed he is given is 1/2 carrot and small handful of low cal chaff. ross always liked to say thankyou. just thought i would add that before some people decide that i am killing ed, we always watched his weight and was checked over by vet every year. we did our best for ed not to put weight on, which as you know is not easy with sec a welsh ponies as they can live on fresh air… the vet was always happy with him….for those who never have anything nice to say… hope you approve

    a big thank you to those who posted on this site for your kind and warm words.

  7. I haven’t seen the first video but I did watch the second one. Even if this was all several years ago, Ed should be able to handle Ross for several years, and it was sad to hear that Ed went to a new home. Ross could have kept Ed forever as a cart pony, well into adulthood. It’s all about the bond between horse and person, not whether or not the animal is ridable. Also, my Tobi wasn’t cut until he was nearly 3, so he also has the neck and shoulders that Ed has. Makes’m strong!

  8. I thoroughly enjoyed all the vidoes – both good and bad ed! Ive seen pony power in action and they can be little devils! To me it was obvious the Ross and Ed had history and Ed was simply pushin Ross’s buttons! Never doubted for a moment that Ross didnt adore Ed! People who made rude remarks about shooting Ed and making dog food need to get their head checked or take some medication!

  9. As Thelwell said, a pony is the best for a child to learn the difficulties of equitation. None of those videos gave any alarm.

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