Pool noodle not included

Here’s a product that when I read about I couldn’t decide whether to laugh myself silly or kick myself for not coming up with the idea myself. Is it so simple that it’s just another  ridiculous way to part aspiring DQs from their money? Or simply an amazing way to convey the basic concepts of dressage.

I guess I’ll wait to decide based on whether or not anyone actually forks over $59.95 for it! Hard to imagine that anyone will but there’s a sucker born every day. Because for that price, you don’t even get the noodle!

I will say though, the YouTube video is amusing. At least that’s free.

SiMoN: The School Master Noodle

Maybe not what I had in mind when I imagined riding a dressage School Master!

SiMoN is a tool for learning the classical lateral positions of dressage. You can find SiMoN in the web shop.

The SiMoN Kit comes with everything you need to turn a regular pool noodle into a School Master:

76-page workbook that can fasten onto SiMoN or be put in your pocket. It is made out of the same material as the poster, un-rippable, water-proof paper. The workbook clearly illustrates all the positions as well as transitions between them.
30-minute DVD that shows Karen demonstrating each of the 15 basic exercises in the book!
The photo (at right) is a still taken from the video. When you get the video, make sure you watch to the end… SiMoN shows his wild side…

Remember: The pool noodle itself is NOT INCLUDED. Buy one locally (2.5″ by 4’6″ pool noodle).

I suppose if you can get a school master dressage horse (substitute) for a mere $59, that’s a bargain, especially as this one requires no monthly maintenance. I’ve known some horses that were wiggly like noodles and they certainly cost more.

One funny comment from the web: Someone saw a pool noodle in a crescent shape. Her question? Was this one trained using Rollkur?

3 thoughts on “Pool noodle not included

  1. hahahaha…pant, pant….too funny! Although I have to admit that when I first glanced at the title I thought it read: Poodle Not Included. There’s a small chance that would have been funnier… 🙂

    I’ll go to bed now 🙂

  2. hahahahahahahahahahaha
    Wait, re-read. This is for real? Like for sale real?
    In that case I seriously need to open an ebay store. I have several lightly used (but veteran!) schoolmasters for sale…

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