Wintec Pro Jump Saddle Better than I Expected

I have always been a saddle snob and wasn’t sure that a synthetic saddle was for me. The Wintec Pro Jump really changed my opinion. It was a much nicer saddle than I anticipated.

I decided to try the Wintec Pro Jump because I had just bought a horse and didn’t have a saddle that fit him. I was intrigued by the idea of an interchangeable gullet plus, I found a used Wintec Pro Jump on Ebay for $300.

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One thought on “Wintec Pro Jump Saddle Better than I Expected

  1. I have a wintec as my budget, after paying more than I planned for my horse, didn’t stretch to a leather one. It was specially fitted for the both of us and after the initial slippery ‘newness’ I have no probs whatsoever. I don’t expect it to last forever but sure I won’t either!

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