Keretex Hoof Hardener Works

Keretex Hoof HardenerAt certain times of the year, my paddock is just a sea of mud. In  past years, these conditions have wreaked havoc on my horses’ feet. As  their hooves soften, they are far more prone to losing shoes. This can  be real problem as their hooves became so soft that they just didn’t  hold nails well.

I’ve found that Keretex Hoof Hardener has done a remarkable job of  protecting their feet and maintaining a proper level of moisture. My  horses are holding their shoes well and my farrier has commented on the  improvement in their horn.

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One thought on “Keretex Hoof Hardener Works

  1. YES!
    We use Keratex hoof products on our barefoot event horses and they really do work. For the most part we use the Hoof Hardener during transition periods when we are conditioning hooves for the competition season, or on horses who have compromised hoof health and need a little help getting comfortable enough for work without shoes. We use Keratex Hoof Gel on their frogs … it creates a barrier against moisture and you can actually see the water bead off the hoof surface after you apply it. I did a blog post about my initial observations:
    I love to hear other people’s opinions. We’ve been using Keratex successfully for the past year and are very pleased.

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