How do you stay warm riding in the winter?

SSG Mane Event Gloves
SSG Mane Event neoprene gloves keep my hands warm even if the gloves get wet.

Although I love to ride in the snow, staying warm while enjoying it can be a bit of a challenge because I have no access to an indoor. I rarely ride if it’s less than 20 degrees (maybe if there’s no wind) or if I can’t be out during the warmest part of the day.

My favorite winter riding gear is my Boinks polar fleece winter breeches. I’ve had them now for about four years and they are still cozy, warm, and in reasonable shape. They double as cross country ski pants for those mornings when the roads are too bad to drive and I have to ski to the barn to feed. I suspect that they aren’t made any more, which is a shame.

To keep my feet warm I wear either my tall Muck boots (starting to wear out) or my new Blizzard Winter Boots (which were waiting for me in the SmartPak Clearance Section).

My favorite winter riding gloves are my SSG Mane Event neoprene gloves. I was skeptical at first (they look like you would use them scuba diving) but they are surprisingly flexible and keep my fingers warm, even when the gloves are wet. Once again, they do double duty for xc skiing.

When it’s really cold or windy, I pull out my chaps. I rarely ride in full chaps any more but they really do keep you warm in the winter.

Of course, after the first 15 minutes, I’ve often heated up to the point where I’m too warm! So layers are essential.

What do you do in the winter to stay warm?




6 thoughts on “How do you stay warm riding in the winter?

  1. I had to laugh when I read your post. Living in Alaska, I also don’t like to ride under 20 degrees, but will ride in 10 degrees if I really need a riding fix. I also have some Boinks fleece lined riding pants, they are also about 4 years old and still in great shape. This year, I discovered riding in my full length chaps and how warm they can keep one’s legs. I use my tall Muck boots for general barn duty and occasionally riding. Gloves are a new adventure every winter season. Watering in the winter is character building! Once my current ones wear out, I will try what you are using. Stay Warm!

  2. Having the fun experience of hypothermia, I could not ride without the hand and toe warmers. (different manufacturers last for different lengths of time, I’ve discovered) Though I wish there were a more environmentally sustainable version of warmth maintenance.

  3. If I can keep my feet warm I am generally ok. I use those hand warmers tucked in my boots also. Mountain Horse winter paddocks are amazing. I have some Anstaadt Das breeches that are pretty warm and I dress in layers. I wear some sort of hat until I get on and then I wear a headband under my helmet. When we get moving I am ok. I don’t ride below freezing, I used to – for many winters. I’m too old for that stuff.

  4. Silk long underwear and lots of layers, and also a balaclava and ear warmers. I ride down to about 10F so long as it’s not windy – I hate the wind.

  5. Wool everywhere. Super thin wool long underwear under my pants, thick wool socks, a zip up mock turtleneck wool top under a couple layers of poly fleece, wool glove liners over “grippy” poly ones. I can ride up to the point where my nose and ears get frostbitten, which depends more on the wind that the temperature. I still don’t know how to deal with that – skiing face shield? – but it seems like a good excuse to stay home.

  6. I live in California but it can get really cold in the winter and i only have…well, i don’t even know what my breeches are made of then i wear a bini under my helmet and i wear 3 pears of socks, long knee socks, short socks and slipper socks over that. Im in California rangers ( and we cant wear a sweater over our uniform, oh and i also have a pair of leather and cotton gloves with padding in the place where the reigns pull (on the pinkie, ring finger and inbetween the thumb and index finger) and i’m still FREEZING!!!! please respond to this to tell me how to stay warm during the chilly nights i practice for my shows! (PS. I need some comments before this monday!)

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