A tale of two foxes . . .

I see red foxes frequently in the woods near the house, or over at the barn. When I'm riding they come quite close.

In North America we have both red foxes and gray foxes. I’ve only seen red ones, myself, but the gray fox is native to Massachusetts. But here’s something I didn’t know before: Although red foxes are indigenous to North America, many of the red foxes we see today are descended from English foxes that were imported for sporting purpose to Virginia and Maryland in the 1730s by wealthy tobacco farmers. Gray foxes, you see, are able to climb trees. This makes them much less fun for chasing (most foxhunting, even in the 1700s was about the chase, rather than the kill) than red  foxes, who gave the hounds a good run.

To learn more about the gray and red fox in North America, I recommend that you read this really informative blog post.



Although already native to North America, red foxes from England were imported for sporting purposes to Virginia and Maryland in 1730 by prosperous tobacco planters

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