Drawing a line in the snow

When I arrived at the barn to feed this morning something didn’t look quite right. It took me a moment to register that part of the fencing was down between the two paddocks.

Looking again, I confirmed that the horses were all in the right places, despite the lack of barrier.

Walking over to the electric tape that was lying in the snow, four horses (two on each side of their respective fence lines) followed me. They looked at the tape on the ground and got all snorty and wide eyed. None of them ventured close enough to test the barrier.

Thank goodness they don’t know the difference between a fence and a line in the snow!

4 thoughts on “Drawing a line in the snow

  1. Thanks goodness!
    When I see electrical fencing actually down, not just off, I always wonder, now how the heck did THAT happen? Who would touch it long enough to yank it down? 🙂

    1. I think it was wind. Plus, at this time of year when the ground is frozen, the charge running through the fence is much lower than usual.

    2. There used to be a horse at the barn I rode at who loved the electric fencing. She would grab it in her teeth and play “how long can I hold on before I can’t stand it”. We eventually had to put her into a de-electrified paddock because we were scared for her health (and sanity!). Her record was close to a minute. Crazy horse.

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