Guess what? It’s snowing again!

Freedom and Curly in the snow
When I fed this morning it had just started to snow again. Freedom and curly were cozy in their winter blankets.

Here in the Northeast the snow just won’t quit. We have more than 2 feet on the ground (with huge drifts) and another foot or so predicted to fall between now and Thursday.

Getting to and from the barn has been challenging. Although the driveway to the house is plowed there’s an additional long driveway down to the two barns. It’s been plowed, kind of, but not to the point where I’m sure that my Sequoia will make it back up the hill, even in four wheel drive.

Alfalfa pellets on a homemade sled
An inflatable sled and some baling twine were just the ticket for getting a 50 lb bag of alfalfa pellets to the barn!

Bringing supplies down has required some ingenuity. I finally resorted to using an inflatable sled to drag my alfalfa pellets down because there was no way I could carry a 50lb bag through the snow. It turned out to be a good plan — they rode cushioned on the sled as safe and secure as a toddler.

The horses seem unfazed by the weather. Four out of the five wear winter blankets and the snow was already starting to accumulate on top of them as I left. However, Annie, a

Annie seems fine without a winter blanket
No blanket? No problem! At least not when you have a substantial winter coat.

25-year old Missouri Foxtrotter, seems completely comfortable without a blanket. She has a thick coat that works just fine against inclement weather. In fact, I’ve never seen her inside except to eat.

I left the horses with extra hay this morning (for warmth) and figured that I’ll probably be skiing over next time I need to go to the barn. In just the 45 minutes or so that I was there, we had nearly an inch of snow!

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  1. Brrr….!!! Amazing how horses keep so warm when it’s so cold out. My Eddie much prefers not to wear a blanket, even when it gets down into the 20s! Apparently it’s not just their furry winter coats that help them beat the cold, but the way they store fat in their bodies, too. Not like us!

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