Put those old horse show ribbons to use

Horse show ribbon beltI’ve written before about horse show ribbon quilts — which can be just an exquisite way to display your ribbons. Unless you are like me and discarded them all in one of my many moves on the way to adulthood.

But if you don’t want to go all out, how about recycling some ribbons into a belt? I saw this on Dappled Grey, a neat blog for the equestrian lifestyle.

For $25 Melissa Perrin will make you a custom belt using your own ribbons or her’s. Purchase one through her Etsy Store.


6 thoughts on “Put those old horse show ribbons to use

  1. This sounds like a great idea if you wear belts and have a lot of ribbons that they’ve lost the emotion for. I have a greater desire to find a way to frame then properly as to preserve the emotion and pride that came with them. They should be displayed but the ribbon belt idea sound cute and inventive .

  2. I have a small riding program for at risk girls. My budget is pretty tiny since the girls I have are from very poor circumstances. I take donated ribbons and use them for our fun shows and as rewards for riding and attitude progress. Most of these students will never get to show, but they have a keepsake to remember a positive time in their life.

    1. Would you like me to send some of mine?
      They do have horse show names on them but if that’s
      OK I have a bunch to let go of.


  3. We love the idea of re-using horse show ribbons. Thanks for including us in your post!

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