A new kind of noseband?

Dover Saddlery AdThis recent ad from Dover Saddlery belongs in the “what’s wrong with this picture?” game.

Or maybe it’s a new kind of noseband — one that maintains the traditional hunter appearance but which shows that your horse needs no pressure from a noseband to behave. Think of it as the anti-crank noseband!

Of course it’s more likely that whoever airbrushed or Photoshopped the image simply doesn’t know what a bridle is supposed to look like!

3 thoughts on “A new kind of noseband?

  1. Hmmm, aren’t catalogs, periodicals, etc. supposed to review photos and text before going to print? Oh well, that’s just what I needed tonight anyway – a good laugh! And laugh I did, while picturing my horse in “that noseband” and thinking about what fun we’d have while he hauled me around the ring or the trails!

  2. Ahaha! And the bit doesn’t look properly done either – it “sticks up” alittle too much in the ponies mouth-curve. That’s just crazy – why not photo the pony with a bridle already on instead of pay hundreds of $$$ to hire a photo editor?

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