Making helmets that are fashionable to wear

Chanel HelmetMaybe the new rules about helmets are having some impact . . . at least among the leading fashion designers.

If you thought that helmets were not fashion accessories, you haven’t seen this one!

Okay, so it’s just a GPA with a Chanel logo, but still, that’s got to make it more fashionable, right? I bet it costs more than the standard GPA!

One thought on “Making helmets that are fashionable to wear

  1. That is great the designers are taking notice of the trend to create more sylish protective head gear! I’d like to see them keep it affordable as well. The new Ovation helmets are less exspensive and also offer a low profile keeping the helmet as small as possible. I offer Helmet covers with brims that may be worn over any helmet as well.

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