Need a new helmet? Buy one on National Helmet Awareness Day and get a discount

National Helmet Awareness Day
Buy your helmet on National Helmet Awareness Day and get a discount!

If you’ve been thinking about buying a new helmet here’s your chance to be safe and save money. June 11, 2011 is National Helmet Awareness Day, sponsored by

To promote the use of helmets, has teamed up with leading helmet manufacturers to offer discounts on helmets to equestrians via participating retailers globally on this day.

Last year more than three hundred retailers in the USA and 8 retailers Internationally offered discounts on helmets from eight different manufacturers. It is anticipated that the 2011 event will attract participation from over 500 equestrian retailers globally.

Helmet brands that have committed involvement in the promotion to date include: Samshield, Troxel, Charles Owen, GPA, Aegis (Devon-Aire), Pegasus, Tipperary, Ovation, IRH and KEP Italia. Additional manufacturers are expected to commit to participating and will be announced soon.

Remember: you should replace your helmet if you’ve been in a fall where you hit your head (it may have damaged the protective foam) or after about 5 years of normal use.

3 thoughts on “Need a new helmet? Buy one on National Helmet Awareness Day and get a discount

  1. Love the graphic! Was using this as my FB profile pic until recently. Just cracks me up! The cat looks like he is wishing a bad outcome on the joker who put this thing on his head…

  2. Great idea! Now that we have our own place and will have one or two packers who just about anyone can ride at our house I want to buy a backup helmet to have in case I do have a fall, as well as in case anyone comes by to ride. I was actually thinking of going with a small, medium and large to have on hand plus maybe a kid-sized helmet… I won’t let anyone ride a horse w/out a helmet when it comes to my horses. Period!

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