Courtney King-Dye speaks out for helmet safety

Courtney King DyeThis video is a must watch for everyone. Especially people who believe that a TBI won’t happen to them because they are 1) a good rider, 2) their horse is safe or 3) they are only riding on the flat.

It took tremendous courage for her to turn her own accident into a message for good. I hope she continues to improve.

Please wear your helmet every time, for every ride.

This video was produced in conjunction with which is doing a great job of helping to increase awareness of the importance of wearing your helmet.

And here’s a tribute to Courtney with images from before her accident.

One thought on “Courtney King-Dye speaks out for helmet safety

  1. This is a public warning that people should not neglect. Thank you for giving us awareness. For those people out there keep safe always. Wear your helmet every time you ride.

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